Get Moving & Body Awareness


Click on the links below for physical development, fine motor skill and body awareness activities…


TacPac Set 5

MOVE Group Short Stretching & Body Awareness ideas

  • Let’s get moving! – If you have a Move programme, then get busy making some of your moves this week.If not, you can try some yoga with Squish the Fish: A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. See it here.  You don’t have to watch all of it at once, as it’s quite long. Try a little each day.Ask your family to join in too!

  • To the music of ‘Match of the Day’ music – ball activities.Can you push the ball using your hands, or kick the ball with your foot; you could take turns with someone else in your house.You could try picking the ball up in your hand(s) and putting in a container to ‘score.’ How about experiencing the ball being rolled over your body; this could be with light pressure, or firm pressure depending on what you like – or both!  Light pressure first and then firm pressure.Try out some of these activities and let me know what you think.
  • Good Morning Music – start from 1 minute in.  Listen and dance, or pat over your child’s body, in time to the music.


Try curling up and stretching out as Jo reads ‘A Nut Tree’ by Julia Donaldson…

  • Give your fingers a workout with this fine motor activity – posting sticks of dried spaghetti into a colander…

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