Art and Design


The national curriculum for art and design at Watergate School aims to ensure that all pupils

  • are given opportunities to experience, explore and access activities at their level of understanding and physical ability
  • experience  rich and varied media, materials, resources and methods
  • learn to tolerate, accept and begin to react to multi-sensory experiences
  • be given opportunities to show a preference between colours, textures, images, objects, experiences
  • are encouraged and given opportunities to communicate their preferences for colours, textures, images, objects, by whatever appropriate means of communication e.g. eye pointing, gestures, signing or symbols
  •  experience images, painting, drawings, artifacts, objects  and designs by artists, craft makers and designers using all their senses- touch, smell, sound
  • be supported or work independently using hands and body parts plus utensils e.g. brushes, sponges, scrapers, rollers, IT programs, Eye Gaze Technology
  • some pupils may be encouraged to work towards producing symbolic drawings
  • some pupils will be expected to follow simple procedures in producing prints, designs and images e.g. stencil prints, butterfly pictures


Art and Design/ Creativity Content:-

In Watergate School we operate on a two year cycle 6 Units of Study

A Medium Term Planner is produced by the co-ordinator to ensure

  • coverage of the Areas of Study
  • each pupil experiences a range of images, artefacts, fabrics, design objects, textures, lines and colour
  • each pupil practices and is supported to engage in creative activities, skills and procedures e.g. making prints
  • each pupil has opportunities to create or change images using a wide range of utensils including their body parts, using IT programmes and Eye Gaze technology


The Medium Term Planners aim to

  • outline learning outcomes,
  •  provide guidance on assessment opportunities
  •  provide staff with information regarding resources
  •  provide staff with ideas on how to deliver the learning experiences
  • There is a strong emphasis on processes and sensory experiences.


The different aspects of art and design are covered with stimuli, techniques and presentations developed to provide all pupils with a wide range of artistic and creative opportunities.  There is a focus on different styles of art and different artists over the cycle, including art from different cultures and periods of time.


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