2 Year Cycle Unit of study focus  – EYFS subject:- Understanding the World (Place)

theme A Unique Child Positive relations Enabling Environments
Travel and Transport




How do I travel to school?

What travel have I experienced?

Experience traveling around immediate and widening locality.



Building relations with school and wider community as we travel from venue to venue Providing experiences for pupils using different methods of travel from movement in a physical development lesson to using bikes at playtime or riding on a bus or train.


Experience Family foods and widen experience of food Learning to share foods and eat with others Provide experiences where pupils can explore and try new foods
Caring for our World




Family, school and local area, use outdoor areas to experience the sensory garden, allotment, widen pupils experiences of different places


Building confidence to explore new places and to notice the world around them. Adults provide opportunities to explore their environment including outdoor – sensory garden, allotment, notice and smell flowers, tidy up


Light, Sound, Electricity


Where We Live




Look at pupils family and home

SCHOOL-look at the school building

LOCAL AREA- begin to explore area surrounding their school

BARNABY BEAR – use to link home and school

Have their family involved in providing photos of themselves and their family, their homes



Enabling environment; what adults should provide: collect stories, make books about children in the group.

Provide positive images of all children

Share photos of children’s family, friends, favourite people.


Myself and the Animal Kingdom


Home environment, School environment, local environment.

What animals do we see and Where do we find them?

Involve families in learning about ourselves, learn about our bodies


Adults to provide safe experiences with real and pretend animals.

Use sensory garden and local outdoor areas to find minibeasts, watch wildlife

2 Year Cycle unit of study focus –KS1 & 2:-  Geography

theme   Continuing elements KS1 LKS2 UKS2
Travel and Transport




Follow the seasons over this year as part of the continuous weather planner.  

Mapping and Weather, seasonal changes





E. ‘Where is Barnaby Bear?


Journeys in the local area

Seaside visit


E. where in the world is Barnaby bear?

E ‘going to the countryside’




Learn Route, Plan journey

E. The local traffic, journey (Social- using public transport)

Look at travelling longer distances – focus on locality overseas



Mapping and Weather, seasonal changes    


Caring for our World






Mapping and weather, seasonal changes


Using and experiencing changes in the Sensory Garden, allotments etc.  –

E. our school

E. Water sources


Note changes in Sensory Garden and allotments

E. Water, water everywhere

Horton Kirby Ponds and Rivers visit

Looking after and improving an area of the school/Sensory Garden/allotments

E. Changing our school area

E. Investigating recycling in the local environment



theme Continuing elements KS1 LKS2 UKS2
Light, Sound, Electricity


Mapping and Weather, seasonal changes      
Where We Live

(houses, clothes, weather and environment)







Mapping and weather, seasonal changes


Look at own home and school building

E. Where is Barnaby Bear? Exploring

weather day in key stages (rain/ sun/ snow/ wind)

Journeys from home to school.

Look at different types of local and UK homes

E. my home on an island

Need homes as shelter from weather

Homes in UK and around the world

E Investigating the geography of our school

E. Investigating our area

World weather – how this effects our homes

Focus on two world localities with different climates for weather day.

Myself and the Animal Kingdom






Mapping and weather, seasonal changes


Investigate mini beast/ birds in sensory garden

Visit Farm to see farm animals

Where are we and our families from?(extend through all key stages?)


Animal habitats – where do animals live and why?

Explore contrasting locations eg. Polar regions/ Caribbean/India

Animal weather day??


People and animals around the world

Focus on different world locations that we have connections with

Link with school overseas



E = Equals schemes of work


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