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What is Inclusion

Inclusion is about special schools and mainstream schools working together. At Watergate, this is exactly what we do. Every child will work alongside their mainstream peers at some stage in their time at Watergate. There are no set structures into which the child must fit, no ‘this is the way we do it’ – we will simply talk to you and your child about what is most appropriate.

Some of our children attend their local mainstream school for anything from half a day to three days per week.  Here they are supported by a mainstream Learning Support Assistant with regular support from Watergate School. Some children attend our local mainstream schools in pairs or small groups on a weekly basis, either working on a specific project or joining in with the mainstream lesson.

Mainstream children also spend some time at Watergate.  Again, this may be individuals for one or two days per week – or small groups who join a Watergate class for specific lessons. Mainstream children enjoy our special assemblies, concerts, Christmas performance and Sports Day. Watergate children enjoy special events in mainstream schools

Why include?

Because, at Watergate, we are determined to change attitudes, challenge discrimination and provide experiences for everyone.

Everyone benefits from inclusion – Watergate and mainstream children alike.  We believe mainstream inclusion can help our children to become more independent, more communicative and develop a better understanding of good behaviour. Most of all, we believe that all children have the right to be educated together – regardless of their disability. Every child at Watergate has these opportunities and we will talk to you and your child about what is most appropriate.

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