• Pupils to encounter stories, songs, poems and rhymes from another country.
  • All pupils to experience music, food, costume, national flags, and images of well-known landmarks from another country.
  • All pupils to experience greetings from another country (hello / goodbye / thank you)
  • Some pupils to be able to communicate a greeting in another language.
  • To introduce a themed annual event focussing on another country
  • To celebrate the languages currently used by families of pupils attending the school.

Purpose of study for Languages at Watergate School

High quality languages education at Watergate School should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding about the world in which they live. Learning a language helps all pupils develop their interest and curiosity in the similarities and differences between themselves and others. This includes learning about countries, cultures, people and communities.

Meeting people from other countries and cultures helps to broaden pupils’ horizons by experiencing new and different languages and cultures. Learning the basics of a foreign language helps pupils to extend and develop their language and communication skills and can enhance self-esteem.

Examples of learning objectives:-

MFL content /delivery

All pupils will: Most pupils will: A few pupils will:


Music Focus



Listen to French music – Songs and rhymes, plus classical music by French composer – Debussy.



Learn to join in a simple French song


Be able to join in singing a simple song in French – eg Frere Jacques


Food Focus


Explore foods from France and use for cooking. (E.g. croissants / baguettes / cheese)


Help to cook a simple French meal or snack.


Learn to identify the French names for 6 foods.



Story Focus


Join in sensory Drama related to a French Story.


Demonstrate an understanding of the story sequence – by anticipating what comes next.


Retell a simple sequence from a French story.


Unit of Study Focus  – Subject :-     Languages

Cycle 1

Travel and Transport















As appropriate to:

Learn the French word for 2 types of vehicle. Eg car, bus


As appropriate to:

Learn the French words for 2 verbs related to travel – eg walk / drive













As appropriate to:

i) Explore and taste items of French cooking.

ii)Follow a simple recipe to cook French onion soup.

iii)Learn the French names for 2 items of food.

As appropriate to:

i) Learn the French names for 5 items of food.

ii)Plan a 2 course French meal, budget and shop for ingredients.

iii)Run a French Café in class – with a French/English menu.

Caring for our World













As appropriate to:

Watch & discuss short video of children’s programme in French.

As appropriate to:

Establish link with French school and send e-mail


Cycle 2

Light, Sound, Electricity












As appropriate to:

i) Learn a French children’s song

As appropriate to: i)Perform a percussive accompaniment to a piece of French music.

ii)Recognise songs that are sung in a language other than English

Where We Live















As appropriate to:

Learn the French name for two buildings eg house, school.

As appropriate to:

Learn the names for 5 rooms in a  house

Myself and the Animal Kingdom  














As appropriate to:

Interact with adult using a French sentence eg ‘Je m’appelle Paul’

As appropriate to learn the French names of 5 animals

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