Learning in Music

Music Aims 

Pupils will:

  • Compose on their own, and with others. , listen to and review a wide range of different music.
  • Sing and vocalise, play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments.
  • Learn about pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.

    The purpose of music in Watergate school is to:

  • Engage pupils in an activity that they enjoy and grow to love.
  • Develop skills in music and increase confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.
  • Develop skills in composing, listening and performing.
  • Enable pupils to play together thus developing interaction between them.
  • Use music to develop communication and engaging skills.

Two year cycle for Music :-     

Cycle 1

theme Foundation Stage KS1 LKS2 UKS2
Travel and Transport 




Songs Wibble wobble How we move to sound. Show interest in how different instruments sound.  

Songs the wheels on the bus   

Songs Grand old Duke of York. Pitch Link to high pitch for up and low pitch for down.  Songs Daisy Daisy Tuned percussion  (In  F, Bb & C) & hitting a bell. Loud and soft. Songs I’ll take you riding in my car, car. making up rhythms.  Use un tuned instruments. Songs Yellow submarine. Creating and combining sounds. Songs We have wheels, wheels, singing.  

Songs She’ll be coming round the mountain.  / Brown Girl in the ring. Composing linked to a story.




Songs. One Potato two potato. Link actions to songs.Songs Five current bunds in a bakers shop. Listening to a variety of sounds. Songs Lets make a cake.  Vocalise sounds of different pitch.Songs Hot Potato Copy rhythm.  Copy 2 & 3 beat pattern. Long and short notes. Songs A pizza Hut Dynamics loud and soft. Use tuned instruments. Songs Mangos responding to a stimulus. Songs Oats and beans and barley grow. Tempo  

Songs The dumpling song discovering sounds and making a story.

Caring for our World 




Songs We all play together. Moving to music and adults copy pupils rhythms. Songs I love the sun. Expressing self through actins and sounds.   Songs I’ve got a body Tempo Fast and slow. Songs If your happy and you know it. Timbre Songs Where have all the flowers gone. Timbre. Songs The wombling songs. Moving to music. Songs I’d like to teach the world to sing. 

Songs When you’re smiling. Using art work to inspire composition. 


Cycle 2

theme   KS1 LKS2 UKS2
Light, Sound, Electricity 


Songs Colours of the rainbow. Listening to sounds, Clapping with music. Songs This little light of mine. Listening to music and watching dance. Songs Shake and Stop. Play and stop.  

Songs Catch me the colours of the rainbow. Raps and rhymes. Un-tuned Percussion drum and tambourine

Songs Sing a rainbow. Combining rhythm 

Songs We can play on the big base drum Timbre, Rehearse and present a performance.

Songs I am the music man. Timbre.  

Songs The marvellous toy Timbre, moving to sounds.

Where We Live  






Songs Shake the tambourine. Make sound line.   Songs Miss poly had a dolly. Dancing in a ring. Songs I’m a dingy dangly scarecrow. Clap a rhythm  

Songs When goldilocks went to the house of the bears. Loud & soft.

Songs In all kinds of weather actions to songs. Songs the wise man built his house upon a rock. Exploring and combining musical ideas. Songs In a cottage in a wood. A sense of musical expression.   Songs What have they done to the rain. analysing and compare sounds.
Myself and the Animal Kingdom 




Songs 1. Five white teethLink music to paintings, & counting.



Songs 2, Caterpillar

Move to music like a Caterpillar

Songs Five little specked frogs. Copy vocalizing. Copy clapping. Turn taking. Songs There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden. Un tuned percussion using hands and beaters.  Fast and slow. Songs The elephant. rhythm + pitch and duration

Songs Going to the Zoo percussion using body parts. Improve melodic performance.

Songs Rise and shine. Link music to dance and expressive language.   

Songs I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. Combining rhythms.


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