Home/School Partnership for Watergate School.

September 2019

We believe your child has the right to the very best education. We also believe that you are the people who know your child the best and we respect that knowledge and aim to work in partnership with you to achieve the very best possible outcomes.

This partnership agreement sets out the way in which we, the school and you the parents, can work together.

For the school we will:-

  • always be available to listen.
  • work with you, and all other professionals to agree achievable but challenging outcomes for you child.
  • provide an appropriate, motivating and engaging curriculum personalised to the needs of each child.
  • keep records of your child’s educational progress, provide a full report for the Annual Review and maintain termly updates of achievement.
  • invite you to two parent’s evenings a year where you can discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher and class team. 
  • be available to make appointments to meet with you to discuss any questions, requests, concerns or worries
  • keep you informed about what your child does in school via the home/school communication book, telephone and/or email as appropriate.
  • be available to provide advice or point you in the right direction to receive advice.
  • send home learning tasks home for you to work on with your child.
  • provide all parents with information about what the children need for school activities. eg named clothing; change of clothes, school bag; swimming costume and towel etc.
  • administer medication in school with written permission.
  • work together to make this partnership a success.

DATE-______________________ SIGNED___________________________(Headteacher)

___________________________(class teacher)

Home/School Partnership for Watergate School.

For the parents/guardians

I / We will:-

  • support the school and will work with the staff to enable my child to achieve.
  • come to my child’s Annual Review.
  • inform the school of any significant changes at home that may affect my child’s emotional well-being and/or ability to learn.
  • make sure my child attends school regularly and punctually.
  • inform school transport and the school if my child is sick and when they are expected to return to school.
  • inform the school in advance if my child is to be absent because of a medical or therapy appointment.
  • help my child with any home learning she/he may bring home.
  • contact the school if I have any concerns about my child’s education.
  • provide suitable clothing necessary for participation in the full curriculum( eg. swimming costume and towel,PE clothing/plimsolls as appropriate, warm coat in winter.) and ensure items are clearly labelled.
  • inform the school of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least two emergency contacts.
  • send my child to school in a healthy physical state to learn.
  • if my child is unwell come and collect him/her, or make alternative arrangements if requested by the Head, School Nurse, or class teacher.
  • regularly supply required medicines and inform the school immediately of any changes in medication.  Send medications to school safely, ensuring they are handed over to the school office.
  • supply nappies/pads if required.
  • work together to make this partnership agreement a success.

There will be an opportunity to review this agreement at your child’s annual review or a parents evening on an annual basis.

DATE-_______________________           SIGNED-_________________________

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