Health & Safety Policy

1.  General Statement of Intent

The aim of the governing body, with the assistance of the Senior Management, is to provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for staff, pupils and visitors.  Compliance to the legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant statutory provisions will be considered to be the minimum acceptable standard.

The governing body delegates the prime responsibility for health and safety to senior management with the Headteacher having direct responsibility for activities and employees under their control.

The governing body believes that only the adoption of safe methods of work and good practice by every individual can ensure everyone’s personal health and safety.  All reasonable steps will be taken to identify and reduce hazards to a minimum.  The prevention of accidents, injury or loss is essential to the efficient operation of the School and is part of the good education of its pupils.

To achieve a safe working environment all employees and pupils must appreciate that their safety and others also depends on their individual conduct and vigilance while on the School premises or while taking part in School sponsored activities.


2.  Health and Safety Management Plan – Responsibilities


To achieve these objectives, the Headteacher and other nominated staff, will put in place and continually develop a plan and system for the management of Health and Safety of all employees, pupils, visitors and any other person using the premises or engaged in activities sponsored by the school.

The Health and Safety Management Plan will set out the responsibilities for all those involved.  These are listed below, and the detail is set out in the Management Plan.

2.1   Governing body

2.2   The Headteacher

2.3   Duties of Employees with Management & Supervisory Responsibilities.

2.4   Additional Duties of the Premises Officer

2.5   The Duties of all other employees


3.  Health and Safety Management Plan – Procedures

The Health and Safety Management Plan will also set out the procedures, including the way in which the system works, for instance the use of Risk Assessments.  These are listed below, and the detail is set out in the Management Plan.

3.1   Risk Assessments and Procedures

3.2   System for giving employees information, how they will be consulted, how the school     will communicate and consult with trade union H&S representatives.

3.3   How all employees with identified responsibilities will be supervised, informed, instructed  and /or trained.

3.4   Competencies required – training levels.

3.5   Information for pupils, visitors and contractors.

3.6   How the Headteacher will review and monitor.

3.7   How advice will be sought on meeting legal requirements.



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