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  • Practice and develop your fine motor skills by making and looking after grass seed heads! Decorate an empty pot or tin however you like – you could even put a photo of yourself on the front! Fill with soil and sprinkle some grass seed on the top. Water and wait! In a few days, you will see grass beginning to sprout. Keep watering – if you can use a spray bottle, it is great for strengthening your hand and finger muscles. When the grass ‘hair’ is long enough – use scissors to give your grass head a haircut!!  The great thing is, so long as you look after it, your grass head will keep growing it’s ‘hair’, meaning you can cut it again and again 🙂


  • Make a sensory squishy bag with a little bit of flour and water mixed together and poured into a zip-lock bag. You can get extra creative by adding drops of food colouring, objects and items or glitter if you have any…during your exploration, try making marks with your fingers, sticks or other tools by pushing them over the top of the squishy bag. Try putting a favourite picture underneath the squishy bag, which will be revealed as the flour mix is pushed around…


  • Plant some tomatoes with Lisa…


  • Try making some tasty jammy biscuits with this recipe including photos and video clips…

  • Can you try some mark making using items you find in your garden or on a walk? You’ll need the items you find, pegs and pain. Clip the pegs onto the end of each item you find, dip in paint and start your mark making!


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