Lime Class teaching staff have been busy finding and creating activities for you!


Click on the links below to explore and try some…


  • Hello Lime Class (13.7.20)

  • Problem solving and thinking ideas – This week it’s all about counting and numbers – have a go at some sensory counting and matching. How high can you go?


  • Creative ideas 

Tortilla pizza

Try these quick and easy recipe, some children may just prefer the tortilla plain and others may eat all ingredients. Either way lots of fun to be had!

Recipe found here:




DIY sensory calming bottles


Find out how to do here:


Have fun and most of all stay safe!



Hello Song (07.07.20)

  • Problem solving and thinking ideas – Dot to Dots

Try a lovely introduction to dot to dot with this online activity:


Creative idea

Lime class had lots of fun when doing this activity in class. Make a musical instrument. Use bottles, containers, Pringle tubes and add pasta shapes into them one at a time. Have fun making and shaking!



Bubble Snakes


Find out how to do here:

This is an adult led activity; however, some children are very good at blowing and may be able to do after demonstration.


        Have fun and most of all stay safe!



  • Try some movement and exercise here:


Dear adults, I am in the process of finding ways for how you can best support your child with their learning over the summer holidays. I am certain that children have progressed in a variety of areas since being away from school. I am excited to find out more about how you all are doing and I will be contacting you all shortly.

Daniella (Lime class teacher)


Problem solving and thinking ideas


Try some online colouring this week, and for a little more challenge try online colouring by numbers

Click on this link for some more online colouring games

Creative idea


To make these all you need is flour, butter and sugar (sprinkles are optional)

Click on this link to find out how to make these cookies: 


Cornflour mark making


This one is a  big favourite for many children in Lime class! You need about 1.5 or 2 parts cornflour for every 1 part water, and you can also add in food colouring. (Although it looks sticky, if made correctly it can simply be dry brushed off of clothes/fabrics before usual washing.)

If you are feeling adventurous – click here for some other cornflour activities which can be found here:

Have fun and most of all stay safe!



I hope you are all keeping well; I am aiming to contact you all over the next fortnight to see how you are doing. In the meantime, have fun with the activities.



Problem solving and thinking ideas

Colour matching


Push the matching stick into the coloured hole of the egg box. Demonstrate the task and work together or allow children to match independently.

You will need: You will need an old egg box, some felt tip/paints and some ice lolly sticks. (ice lolly sticks can be found in the pound shops or online). To save some prep time, colour the ends of sticks or use coloured stickers

More Challenge: Add another egg box and add even more range of colours.


Creative idea

Painting with water


With nice weather predicted for the week ahead. Why not try this simple idea. Painting with water can be done outside in the garden/balcony or even on some sugar paper indoors.



Oatmeal playdough


Develop motor skills this week and try a different  twist on traditional playdough

You will need:

  • 2 parts uncooked oats
  • 1 part water
  • 1 part flour

Find out how to make here:

Have fun and most of all stay safe!





Welcome back after half term break. This week there are some new fun and exciting activities to try

Problem solving and thinking ideas

Have a go at racing car counting.


You will need: Kitchen roll tubing, small toy vehicles and some paper to write down the distances on.

Challenge: Can you use any other items at home for DIY slope? Do the cars go any further? Extend the distance line and count even higher!


Grow a Rainbow


Find out how to do here:


Sensory/ pre-writing activity

Ice tray explore

This is a great activity for keeping cool, to increase the sensory experience (before freezing) you could also add food colouring and/or food essence (vanilla/lemon etc)



We have also been working hard at developing writing skills. 

Click on this link for Letters shapes and number practise


Have fun and most of all stay safe!



  • Sensory filling station: Have fun developing scooping, pouring and measuring skills. Fill a container, tray, cardboard box, deep baking tray or any other suitable item the house with some dry ingredients i.e. dried cereals, grains. Give children some cups, bowls or spoons and allow them to explore.
  • Extra challenge
    • You can mark a line with a pen/tape on clearer containers and see if you can work together to stop filling at this point.
    • Practice numbers and count how many scoops/spoons you need to fill each container until full.


  • Hello to all the Lime class children and your families. We hope you had fun trying out some of the ideas last week on the class page. Here are a few more ideas for you all to try. Most of all, have fun and stay safe xx
  • Here are some of our favourite morning circle time songs.  Cbeebies days of the week songsHow’s the weather?
  • Some lovely problem solving and thinking activities for PC/tablets can be found here Go into: Login/ Games & Activities/ Play games.  User name: Watergate3wg    Password: specialse6
  • For those children who are beginning to grasp the number system you may also want to try TopMarks using the link below.Work together through some activities and see how you get along. Our favourites are Teddy Numbers and Underwater Counting. Does your child have a favourite too? Let us know. Top Marks
  • 3 ingredient edible chocolate slime – a great alternative to usual slime sold in shops, and although it should not be eaten as a food, it is unlikely to do any harm if your child has a taste. Why not make together: 1/2 cup cornflour (I recently purchased some in Lidl), 1 tbsp coco powder, 1/3 cup coconut milk (I have not tried other alternatives, let us know if you try and it still works). Encourage children to stretch, mold and roll the slime in order to build up motor skills. Video link and pictures found here
  • All the children in Lime class enjoy sensory boxes, have a look at this demonstration on YouTube. If you are able to, why not repeat the glitter activity at home. You will need Glitter, PVA glue and card. What’s in the bucket?


  • Hello to all the Lime class children and your families. I have been hearing about the wonderful things you are doing at home. Keep up the great work, we miss you! Wishing you all a safe and happy week ahead; one that’s filled with lots fun. Lots of love from all the team xx
  • Scavenger hunt- Use with your child’s favourite items or add more challenge by using numbers/letters. You could take pictures on your phone of hiding places and then work together to find.  Some children may not need adult help and will find using a picture as a clue. Have fun! Shape matching mat
  • Cooking– Have fun in the kitchen, try making some Angel Delight. We have also tried using supermarkets own brands and many of the children in class have really enjoyed. If you can, keep us updated with pictures of whisking, measuring, mixing, pouring and tasting.
  • Sensory Writing Tray– Use any appropriate materials around the house and allow children to make marks or where possible copy letters/words. Here are some excellent sensory material ideas: dry flour, cereals, sprinkles, uncooked rice grains. Here is a link to an idea

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