Peach Class teaching staff have been busy finding and creating activities for you!


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  • A phonics song which is very popular with Peach Class…



  • Click here to take a virtual tour of the Butterfly House at Chester Zoo!
  • Have a try at making a butterfly table – just like the one at Chester Zoo
    • Cardboard tube
    • Coloured paper
    • Pipe cleaner
    • Scissors (Grown-up use only)
    • Crayons
    • Paint
    • Paintbrush
    • A pen or pencil
    • Glue
    CBeebies House Makes
    • Paint your cardboard tube blue and leave to dry
    • Fold your yellow paper in half and draw a butterfly wing from the centre fold
    • Cut the wing out and open up to make a set of wings
    • Use crayons to decorate your wings however you choose
    • Glue your cardboard tube to the middle of the wings to make a body
    • Stick two pieces of pipe cleaner or card into the tube to make antennae and draw on two beady eyes and a smile.
    • Gently press the butterfly wings at the back to make your flying little friend come to life
    CBeebies House Makes
  • Shape Hunt – have a look at the shapes on the sheet below. Can you name them? Have a hunt around your home for shapes…can you draw around them and name them? Have fun and enjoy your shape hunt
  • The Grumpy Tree – an animated story using shapes to tell this folktale from India – can you spot the shapes? The Grumpy Tree



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