Pink Class teaching staff have been busy finding and creating activities for you!


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Hello Message Say Hello

Hello Pink Class – part 1 (Ishrat, Justin, Ella, Tame)

Hello Pink Class Part 2 (Riley, Yusuf, Dasha, Moses, Lassine)

Thinking and Problem Solving Activity Sensory Fun – Lots of sensory ideas here including making musical instruments, playing with cornflour and making sensory socks.  Why not try one of them out?  If you make a music shaker you could use it in the Music Time session below.
Creative Activity Music Time
Play along with my friend Michael.  We use these music sessions in Pink Class so the children will be familiar with the songs.  Find something to shake or bang along with the music. 
Other Activity (sensory story, song, game) What’s in Molly’s Suitcase? – What’s in Molly’s suitcase?  (CLUE – Sparkle).  It’s time to look in Molly’s suitcase.  I wonder what could be inside?  Find something sparkly and you can join in too.


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