Sensory Exploration!


Click on the links below for activities and ideas for super sensory exploration…


  • Sensory Speckled Frogs song – just when you thought sharing songs couldn’t get any better! Even setting this up would be a great fine motor activity…


5 Speckled Frogs – click here for the printable version and the lyrics!

  • Sensory Squishy Bag – super easy version with just a little flour and water mixed together and a drop of food colouring poured into a zip-lock sandwich bag. Lovely sensory exploration, especially useful for exploring different textures for anyone not so keen on getting messy hands!


  • Use your squishy bag to share a sensory massage together – it feels so nice! Try extending and changing the feeling of the sensory massage by cooling the squishy bag in the fridge or adding items to the bag for a different texture…click here to see the video for ideas

  • Frozen Squishy Bag – when you have finished exploring your squishy bag, don’t throw it away! Pop it in the freezer for a whole new sensory exploration experience. What does it feel like now? Can you still squish it? What sound does it make?


  • Sensory Car Wash activity idea from Jo

  • Balloons – can you use your communication to help Natalie blow up balloons?


               Messy Play texture hierarchy


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