Sensory Exploration!


Click on the links below for activities and ideas for super sensory exploration…


  • Sensory Speckled Frogs song – just when you thought sharing songs couldn’t get any better! Even setting this up would be a great fine motor activity…


5 Speckled Frogs – click here for the printable version and the lyrics!

  • Sensory Squishy Bag – super easy version with just a little flour and water mixed together and a drop of food colouring poured into a zip-lock sandwich bag. Lovely sensory exploration, especially useful for exploring different textures for anyone not so keen on getting messy hands!


  • Use your squishy bag to share a sensory massage together – it feels so nice! Try extending and changing the feeling of the sensory massage by cooling the squishy bag in the fridge or adding items to the bag for a different texture…click here to see the video for ideas

  • Frozen Squishy Bag – when you have finished exploring your squishy bag, don’t throw it away! Pop it in the freezer for a whole new sensory exploration experience. What does it feel like now? Can you still squish it? What sound does it make?


  • Sensory Car Wash activity idea from Jo

  • Balloons – can you use your communication to help Natalie blow up balloons?

  • Good Morning Music – start from 1 minute in.  Listen and dance, or pat over your child’s body, in time to the music.

  • Create a sensory bag and explore

48 Quick Sensory Bags to Make for Your Kids

  • Sensory Painting:Smell two spices – smell the first, leave 10 – 15 seconds for that smell to clear, then smell the next one.  Is their one smell you really like? Use the smell you prefer to paint with!  Mix the spice with water, and paint!Try painting with some different spices.
  • Search the house for items which can be used for a Pirate ‘treasure basket’. Sand, shells, beads, jewellery, large cardboard coins covered in foil, coins in bags, shiny side of CD’s, fabric etc.



               Messy Play texture hierarchy


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