Think and Solve!


Click on the links below for activities and ideas to develop and use your thinking and problem solving skills…


  • Push the Buttons – make a simple squishy bag with a little flour and water mixed together and poured into a zip-lock bag. We added some buttons, but other items will do…use your fingers and hands to find the hidden items and push them to the top of the bag.  Turn it into a game by seeing how quickly you can find and move the items!

  • Squishy Bag Bingo – using your squishy bag and items…draw the items hidden in your squishy bag on a piece of paper. Use your fingers and hands to find the items hidden in the bag and match them to the drawings on your paper. Cross them off when you find them!

  • Rainbow sorting with Clare…


  • Counting 1-10 with Mr Croc

  • How to make Edible Gummy Bear Slime
  • T and PS – send a rainbow
  • Cornflour mark making – This one is a  big favourite! You need about 1.5 or 2 parts cornflour for every 1 part water, and you can also add in food colouring. (Although it looks sticky, if made correctly it can simply be dry brushed off of clothes/fabrics before usual washing.)
  • Colour matching – Push the matching stick into the coloured hole of the egg box. Demonstrate the task and work together or allow children to match independently. You will need an old egg box, some felt tip/paints and some ice lolly sticks. (ice lolly sticks can be found in the pound shops or online). To save some prep time, colour the ends of sticks or use coloured stickers. For more challenge – add another egg box and add even more range of colours.

  • Have a go at racing car counting – You will need kitchen roll tubing, small toy vehicles and some paper to write down the distances on. Challenge: Can you use any other items at home for DIY slope? Do the cars go any further? Extend the distance line and count even higher!



  • Clare hare three activity ideas for you from things you might have at home – try some sorting, posting and developing fine motor skills


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