Please click on the link below for the lastest OFSTED Report:

School Inspections – A Guide for Parents

 For a copy of our current and previous OFSTED inspection reports, please click on the links below:

 OFSTED report 2019

 OFSTED report 2015

 OFSTED report 2011

 OFSTED report 2009

 At Brent Knoll School, we welcome and encourage feedback from all members of the school community.

 To link to the OFSTED website for Parent View, please click on the link below:


OFSTED also publishes performance data for all schools. While comparing assessment data from special schools with all schools nationally is not a particularly useful exercise, there is a lot of information stored on the ‘data dashboard’ and a link to the dashboard is provided below.

 Compare School Performance – Brent Knoll

In addition to formal OFSTED inspections, we have an ongoing commitment to school improvement, leadership development and knowledge exchange through our involvement with the Challenge Partners Network of Excellence. Our latest peer review report can be downloaded below:

 Challenge Partners Review 2019-20